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    Applying for a mortgage in Spain is a good solution for customers who do not have the full amount to pay for the property, but still want to invest in its purchase. Local banks issue mortgages to non-residents up to 70% of the value of the property and the loan interests are relatively low. This is an additional benefit for those who want to purchase a dream house. Top Properties Marbella provides comprehensive services in the field of obtaining a mortgage for the purchase of real estate in Marbella.


    Spanish company establishment

    In the case of investors buying real estate for the purpose of resale, a good option may be to create a Spanish company earlier and make this transaction as a firm. This is more beneficial regarding the tax. Company registration in Spain is carried out in the form of signing a notarial act. Importantly, such a company can also get a mortgage loan from a bank. Top Properties Marbella provides comprehensive cooperation in this field.


    Property purchase - due diligence

    To buy a property in Spain it is necessary to get the local Tax Identification Number and open a bank account. Factual and legal assistance is also required – this is fully guaranteed by Top Properties Marbella. It is important to perform a full assessment of the property, keeping in mind all relevant aspects. Moreover you should not forget about the nature of the private contract and its terms successfully agreed from the very beginning: without missing any of the important details.


    Coordination of construction or refurbishment

    In addition, Top Properties Marbella offers professional advice for people who want to build their dream home in Marbella. We help at every stage of the investment: when searching for a suitable site, choosing a good architect, project manager or a reliable construction company. We provide coordination and control of all departments involved in the investment process, assistance in resolving all formalities, signing contracts with contractors, and even quality control and compliance with deadlines. Top Properties Marbella can also find the company responsible for interior design and intelligent home systems.

    Since Marbella is a small city, it may happen that there will not be a suitable land for the house in the location desired by the client. In such cases, we suggest purchasing and repairing the old house in order to meet the customer's expectations. We support reconstruction projects of any scale.


    Property management

    Top Properties Marbella offers its clients full care of any activities related to property management. We guarantee managing bills payments, representation of the client's interests in contacts with the community of owners, assistance in calling all kinds of professional, home maintenance, care of the garden and pool, car, mail reception, organization of meetings, translations, assistance in emergencies and accidents, as well as service claims to the insurer.

    To provide our customers with complete convenience, we also offer services such as airport transfers, restaurant, golf courses, yachts, catering, private chef or flamenco performances and Spanish musicians reservations. In case of emergency, Top Properties Marbella supports its clients in getting medical care.

    We are available to you 24 hours a day.


    License for tourist rental

    Renting a tourist property in Marbella is very popular. This is because, it is a useful source of income, guaranteeing a return on investment. In this type of activity, it is very important to implement it in a proper manner. Top Properties Marbella helps its clients with all the formalities that make up the administrative process. In addition, we provide a special guide, which is a set of ready-made practical information about the rules of a tourist rental.


    Non-resident tax

    Each person having real estate in Spain, who is not a resident has taxes obligations there. Top Properties Marbella offers its clients full assistance, both in determining the relevant legal basis, as well as in calculating the tax and filing the declaration.